The family owns many drawings and paintings by local artists. Among them a drawing by Karl Graf, which depicts the NAEGELE crest: two crossed carnations – a yellow flower on a red background, and a red flower on a yellow background. The term “Nägelscher“ translates to carnation or lilac in the local dialect. To this day, lilacs still bloom in the gazebo in the garden behind the estate building.

Since 1796, the name Georg Naegele has been synonymous with a longstanding family and wine tradition - a tradition that is closely intertwined with the history of Hambach, and the magnificent nature of Pfalz. Today, Eva and Ralf Bonnet, the 7th generation of wine producers, run the estate. They are supported by the senior members of the family, Gerda and Volker Bonnet, as well as a team of qualified and dedicated employees. Following studies in viticulture and oenology, Eva Bonnet joined the family business in 1992. She schedules all work around the vineyard. Ralf Bonnet (née Müller), a graduated enologist, grew up on a neighbouring estate in Haardt, and oversees quality and sales. The next generation is already growing up at the estate: David (2001) and Nina (2006)

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Weingut Georg Naegele
Weingut Georg Naegele
Weingut Georg Naegele