Hambacher Römerbrunnen (Roman Well)
This site derives its name from an old well that was preserved until the late 1950's, which stood along the Roman military road that led through the area. Historic evidence suggests that wine has been grown here for over 2000 years. The soils at Römerbrunnen are heavier and run deeper than at Schloßberg, which facilitates irrigation. This is where our best Pinot grapes thrive. They profit from the light lime content in the soil.

Hambacher Schloßberg (Castle Slope)
Our top Rieslings grow in weathered sandstone soil just below the castle. To the west, the Pfälzer Wald (Palatinate forest) protects the vineyards from cold winds and too much precipitation. On the south-eastern slope the grapes soak up plenty of sun in the heat-retaining soil, which results in high Oechsle readings. At this prime location, the Riesling grapes mature on the vine until late October, a prerequisite for an aromatic and complex wine. The old Kirchberg lot occupies a special location, which today officially belongs to the Schloßberg vineyard. The rounded, partially terraced lot stretches across 2 ha of land in the nature reserve of Haardtrand. It borders its namesake, the baroque church of St. Jakobus, and affords a spectacular view across the Rhine plain. The vines that grow here are 40 years old, and the lot has not undergone land consolidation, which combined with the special microclimate and good irrigation contributes to the best Riesling grapes of the vineyard. The resulting wines have a unique character and distinctive texture.

Regrettably, the German Liquor Control Board has expressed concern that the declaration “Kirchberg” (Church Hill) may be misleading to the consumer, particularly in conjunction with the term “Schloßberg” (Castle Slope), as this location was not recorded in the vineyard's registry. We do not agree with the Board's assessment. In our opinion, a geographic location and name, which both have been in existence for centuries, cannot constitute consumer deception. Nevertheless, we must abide by national regulations, and as a result starting with 2011 our wines will be labelled “Kirchblick” (Church View).

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