The winegrower’s most valued asset is the soil the grapes grow in. We invest time and effort into caring for and maintaining our soils, knowing that healthy soils yield expressive wines full of character. We consciously invest in land and nature. For centuries, our surroundings have provided our family with a means of existence, which we thrive to preserve for generations to come.

We adhere to controlled ecological winegrowing guidelines (set by KUW). These entail careful soil cultivation, dispensing with herbicides, and using organic fertilizers in combination with a continuous ground cover. This increases humus levels and preserves soil fertility.

We also forgo the use of insecticides, only employ a minimum amount of pesticides, and adhere to the principle “as little as possible and only when truly necessary“. By investing in manual labour we keep the harvest low and our grapes healthy, thus cultivating in harmony with nature. We set a harvest limit of 70 hl/ha, which keeps the soil from eroding, increases the resistance of the crop to pests, and ensures the production of rich and flavourful wines.

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Weingut Georg Naegele
Weingut Georg Naegele
Weingut Georg Naegele